Anti-Inflamnatey Effect of 15 Percent Benzydamin Mouth Wash on Moderate Periodontits Patients

  • A - Mogharehabed
  • S Amin Eskandari


Abstract Introduction. The periodontal inflammation is one of the most common oral and dental diseases. Periodontitis is advanced periodontal bacterial infection. At present treatment of this disease is oral hygiene instructions, scaling and root planning, plaque control with different mouth washes and in some cases, periodontal surgery. In this investigation, Benzydamin was used as mouth wash which has anti pain and anesthetic properties. The purpose of this research was to study anti-inflammatory effects of using Benzydamin mouth wash 0.15 percent on moderate periodontitis. Material and Methods. This was a clinical test study, which has been done in Isfahan University (School of Dentistry). Sample included 80 patients, (52 female and 28 male) with an average age of 27 years. Patients who had moderate periodontitis were tested and divided into 40 person group (case and control). In both groups before performing the firt phase of treatment, index of gingival inflammation and bleeding index was determined. In case group, patients were given both oral hygience instructions and oral Bensydamin month wash. In control group only oral hygiene instructions were given to them. After one week, both case and control groups were recalled and once more indexes determined and then average was made. Acording to statistical formulas descriptive statistic and t-tests, curves and tables were made. Results. The mean for bleeding index before clinical test were 2.01 and 1.7 and after clinical test were 1.22 and 1.27 for both case and control groups. These differences between two groups were significant. But the mean for gingival inflamation index before and after clinical test were 2.18, 2.01 and 1.87, 2.03 which in both stages. Their differences were not significant. Discussion. Rsults indicate Benayamin month wash will decrease gingival bleeding and to lesser extend gingival inflamation. In control group, bleeding index was decreased slightly which can be due to oral hygiene instructions. Key words. Moderate periodontitis, Benzydamin hydrochloride 0.15%. Address. Dr. Ahmad Moghareabed (Assistant professor), Department of periodentics, School of Dentistry, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, IRAN. E-mail: Journal of Isfahan Dental School 2005; 1(2): 59-61.
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Mogharehabed A, Amin Eskandari S. Anti-Inflamnatey Effect of 15 Percent Benzydamin Mouth Wash on Moderate Periodontits Patients. مجله دانشکده دندانپزشکی اصفهان [اینترنت]. 21آگوست2006 [ارجاع شده 16می2022];1(2):59-2. Available from:

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